Success & Failure

This weekend I went to a yoga workshop with Cameron Shane, a very famous yogi who is capable of some impressive postures. In one movement he can go from lying on his stomach to a handstand. Pretty incredible display of strength and agility. He took us through his process of getting to this place in his body with these super difficult arm balances and inversions(taking your head below your heart).

So most of us in the room were not capable of this and there was a lot of falling down going on for about 2.5 hours. The whole time he kept saying “you have to take a risk if you want to grow”.

During this two hours where we were all flayling around and falling on our faces you can start to feel your progress and feel in your body that success is only builtupon multiple failures because the amount of failures you have is an indication of the risks that you take. If you aren’t failing at anything you aren’t working towards any success.


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