Luxembourg Charity Guide

It can sometimes be difficult to choose which associations to donate to, especially if you aren’t sure what groups exist in your community!

Luxembourg is luckily the home to a wide variety of great associations that have inspiring goals and missions.

For a quick overview & to learn more about some of my favorite groups, keep reading!

For Yogis Who Want to Make Yoga Accessible to All: The Give Back Yoga Foundation

This international organization focuses on making yoga accessible to everyone, including veterans, prisoners, and those suffering from mental or physical illnesses.

Some of the services that they provide include purchasing yoga supplies (such as mats) to yoga teachers who lead service projects in their communities and also provide small grants and scholarships to yoga teachers and yoga service organizations.

If you love yoga and want to give everyone the chance to love it too, consider donating to The Give Back Yoga Foundation.

For Those Who Care About The Environment: Greenpeace Luxembourg

Greenpeace is a fantastic organization in Luxembourg with a focus on conservation and sustainability. Some of their recent projects have involved trying to eradicate the use of single-use plastics in Luxembourg and increasing the use and availability of solar energy.

They have plenty of ways to get involved with Greenpeace, such as making a donation through their website, becoming a member, volunteering with them, or even just getting involved with online activism (such as signing petitions). This is a great organization for all of those green thumbs out there!

For Those Who Care About Helping Those In Need: Caritas Luxembourg

Caritas is an organization that provides support for vulnerable populations in Luxembourg (including refugees, children, and the homeless).

Some of the support that they provide includes emergency accommodations, psychosocial help, integration through work, and much more.

If you are interested in getting involved and helping to support Caritas, you can donate through their website or volunteer your time and/or services. This is a wonderful organization that does so much to help humankind, so if you care about making a difference with your donation, consider Caritas!

For Those Who Care About Human Rights: Amnesty International

If you care deeply about equal rights for all human beings (regardless of race, age, sexual orientation & preferences, etc.), I’d recommend considering Amnesty International.

This worldwide organization has a Luxembourg branch, and they focus on finding/targeting human rights violations, alerting the general public and government officials to educate and advocate for change, and put pressure on decision-makers through advocacy work (such as signing petitions).

If you are interested in contributing to this amazing organization, you can donate on their website (linked above), become a member, or sign petitions.

I hope that these wonderful foundations and organizations have inspired you to give back to the things and/or people that need support. Comment down below what your favorite charities are to donate to! Namaste.

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