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KHY's 2020 Gift Guide!

Having trouble thinking of gift ideas for those special yogis in your life? I understand how stressful and difficult it can be to find gifts for these loved ones, but I have created this list of yoga related gifts to make this process as easy as possible for you!

  1. Yoga Cushion/Bolster - as many yoga classes have moved to be entirely remote, many yoga lovers who previously only attended yoga classes in person have resorted to online lessons. One thing that they might be missing a lot right now would be a staple in-studio yoga classes - the yoga cushion. These high-quality pillows offer enhanced comfort and relaxation and will make the home yoga experience a little more like the studio experience.

  2. A Tibetan Singing Bowl - nothing says relaxation like sound therapy at the end of a yoga session. Many yogis who have practiced for a while may find this gift to be incredibly thoughtful and a great way to enhance their typical practice.

  3. A Yoga Wheel - if the yogi in your life is looking to improve on flexibility and up their yoga game, consider getting them a yoga wheel! This yoga tool is a unique way to show them that you care about what they are passionate about while also providing them with a useful new part of their practice.

  4. New Yoga Mats/Towels - one necessity in any yoga practice is a mat or towel to separate the yogi from the ground and help with stability. One can never have too many of these, so if you really aren’t sure what they would like, a yoga mat is a very safe and useful choice.

  5. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser or Incense - adding aromatherapy to one’s yoga practice can make an already relaxing and immersive experience even moreso. When paired with a set of essential oils, this would be a very thoughtful gift!

  6. A Virtual Yoga Lesson with Kelsey - what better way to help that yogi in your life get a studio experience from the comfort of their own home than virtual yoga lessons? I offer three different classes each week on every day except for Saturday, so there is bound to be a class that your yoga lover would appreciate! If you’re interested in buying a class for them, check out my gift packages by clicking this link.

You can find all of these online or in local stores in Luxembourg - my favorites include the Yoga Lux Shop and Scarabaeus. Some online, eco-friendly & Europe central yoga stores that I love include Yoggy’s, Jade Yoga, and Moonholi.

I hope that these gift ideas are helpful and have inspired you while you’re doing your last-minute shopping. Do you have any other great gift ideas? Leave me a comment with your ideas.

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