Demonstrate foundational standing and balance postures with proper alignment.

Apply effective breathing techniques to their yoga practice.

Knowledge of the interconnections between the body, the breath, the mind, and the emotions.


Demonstrate an understanding of anatomy and physiology as it applies to the intentional integration of breath, postures, and movement within the practice of yoga.


Identify asanas specific to their desired health benefits and create a yoga practice to use outside of class time.


Understand yoga as a model of holistic health.     




There is no such thing as going "pro" in yoga. Every day brings new perspectives, new challenges, and new possibilities.


The dedicated practitioner knows his or her body well enough to gauge strengths and weaknesses, and typically understands the progression of the practice.



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I first started Yoga with Kelsey. She is a kind and patient teacher, who pays attention to your alignment. I especially appreciated the way the she knows how to encourage and prepare you to try more difficult poses, without making you feel self-conscious about your mistakes and fears.  

- Charlotte   


“Wonderful teacher, clear and creative!”


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