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Meet Kelsey Hopper

"The only expectation you need to set for yourself is to get on your mat. Toes on the ground, music on, MOVE! The rest is about getting curious and seeing what happens. No judgement on yourself, just being present for the next breath, the next pose and seeing what happens."

"May you have gratitude to your highest self and all the efforts you make to take care of yourself everyday. This is the most important thing."

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My Teaching


I come from a creative background. I studied the arts rather seriously since I was 4 and a little Suzuki music baby in a tiny town in the USA. Along with music studies I naturally studied dance which lead me to yoga. I remember my first yoga class at 13 years old was a hot yoga class with such a high level of expert teachers and practitioners. There was something so motivating and magical about being around true masters of an art form. I was also very young and had a big ego from my dance training which gave me the expectation that yoga would be easy for me. Oh boy how wrong I was! That first class was truly humbling and I wondered a few times in that class if this was how it would end for me: heart attack on the mat of a hot yoga class! The challenge of working through the poses and the heat made me feel alive and the euphoria of the savasana meditation was intoxicating. It was clear that there was something very special about this practice and I believe it helped shape my young mind to be enormously resilient. Since then, I have be practicing and teaching as much and as often as I can. To me a practice whether it's yoga or music or any other field is essential for our mental health, like making water for our minds. Disciplined creative practice keeps us flexible and adaptable.


I was always drawn to different sounds and experiencing the world with auditory sensation and I like to bring this part of my human experience into my classes. I will often begin and end class with binaural music and theta waves music which I think of as a massage for the brain. I often experiment very liberally with my playlists, always trying to match the music to the energy of the space, the group, and the sequence when I can. Music is very powerful, especially when it comes to motivating us to move so I spend a lot of time working on our class music.


With the yoga poses, I like to give students the option to discover their limitations and flirt with them. Wink Wink. I will always give you a full platter of poses and their depths for you to discover. I put my full trust into the students to decide how far to go and what is optimal for their bodies in each pose and class. This is the best way for you to develop trust with yourself and your body as well. We must take risks to learn and know ourselves.


I'll be honest, yoga can get kind of culty. I am not a fan of the great "lineages" of yoga teachers or following specific styles or schools of yoga. I would call myself a "non-dogmatic" teacher in the sense that I do not follow one guru or one teaching style and very impractically attempt to do them all. Diversity is the spice of life and I would never wish to deprive my students of new flavors.


I believe there is an external universe where you can travel to beautiful exotic locations and meet many interesting people and have mind expanding experiences. I also believe in our internal




  • Yoga Teacher · House of Om Strassen · FreelanceHouse of Om Strassen · Jan 2024 - Present · Strassen, Luxembourg, Luxembourg 

  • Yoga Teacher ·  yogaloft. · Luxembourg, Luxembourg · Contract · Sep 2021 - Sep 2023 

  • Corporate Sales Coordinator · yogaloft. · Freelance · Jul 2022 - Aug 2023 

  • Yoga Teacher · PayPal · Jan 2017 - Jun 2022 · Luxembourg

  • Yoga Teacher · Ecole de Ballet Li Marteling & Cathy Moe · Sep 2019 - Jul 2020 

  • Yoga Teacher · Arendt & Medernach · ​ Jan 2017 - Apr 2020

  • Yoga Teacher · PwC Luxembourg · Jan 2017 - Apr 2020 

  • Yoga Teacher · The LHoFT - Luxembourg House of Financial Technology · Jan 2020 - Mar 2020 · Luxembourg

  • Yoga Teacher · OneCoach4U Sàrl · Jan 2016 - Mar 2020 · Luxembourg

  • Yoga Teacher · Health at Work · Jan 2016 - Mar 2020 · Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Yoga Teacher · Amazon · Sep 2019 - Jan 2020 · Luxembourg

  • Yoga Teacher ·  Factory 4 Fitness club & more · Jun 2015 - Sep 2019 · Gasperich

  • Yoga Teacher · Ellipse Fitness and Wellness · Sep 2011 - Sep 2018 · Kirchberg 

  • Yoga Teacher · Clare Marie Pilates and Wellness · Jun 2015 - Mar 2016

  • Yoga Teacher · KPMG Luxembourg · Jan 2017 - Jun 2017 

  • Receptionist · YogaLoft  · Jan 2012 - May 2012


"I first started Yoga with Kelsey. She is a kind and patient teacher, who pays attention to your alignment. I especially appreciated the way the she knows how to encourage and prepare you to try more difficult poses, without making you feel self-conscious about your mistakes and fears." 

—  Charlotte

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